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Episode 106: Even Cowboys Get the Blues, Little People, Little Cigars


Midget criminals, concealed carry in cooler weather, and our review of the Diesel Shorty cigar.

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Episode 105: Ghost Gun?, Cigar Shop Review: The Cigar House, and the Ruger EC9S


DC's review of the Cigar House in Lawrence, KS; defensive gun uses against ghosts and midget clowns; the Ruger EC9S 9mm pistol; and serious discussion of self-defense.

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Episode 104: September 11, 17 Years Later


Seventeen years after the September 11 attacks, DC says "It's time for the war to end".

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Episode 103: The Meat Police/Concealed Carry in the City


Nut milk, fake bacon, concealed carry in the city, review of the Drew Estate Factory Smokes, and Burying John McCain

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